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[133] FPacTMahXbSFJKxDz From:Markus Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 23:29 <home>
Lost credit card

[132] xIUSQryfPwrBSBFZGbp From:Alonso Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 22:34 <home>
A packet of envelopes

[131] NLnVSzLLeLr From:Patricia Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 20:13 <home>
An estate agents

[130] dxENrDszGzOKzuJlq From:Sherman Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 19:46 <home>
Some First Class stamps

[129] zyzbRQLFHUdT From:Harlan Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 16:19 <home>
Free medical insurance

[128] lkOgVpgJUghWIFF From:Darwin Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 16:02 <home>
I've got a very weak signal

[127] RqMBTajkmIWJGoWcdTF From:Miles Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 15:28 <home>
I've got a very weak signal

[126] ivmWAmGaNY From:Patricia Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 14:21 <home>
What do you study?

[125] uvpTxMDATsfEs From:Bryan Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 13:48 <home>
Yes, I play the guitar

[124] yoFMSScTku From:Millard Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 11:41 <home>
I'd like to open a personal account

[123] CcBUcGRCHXBHkEv From:Jerrell Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 07:36 <home>
I'd like to change some money

[122] KcXfjoKTHeeTCK From:Benjamin Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 06:45 <home>
Do you play any instruments?

[121] cLakQvJyMSkNMe From:Clifton Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 04:09 <home>
I'd like to order some foreign currency

[120] IUktdaHEkx From:Rueben Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 03:05 <home>
A First Class stamp

[119] MqSzEcxVZNo From:Jocelyn Date:2015/04/27(Mon) 02:41 <home>
How much will it cost to send this letter to ?