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[151] QCBhsgluaXTVPCqzWdL From:Marcus Date:2015/04/29(Wed) 02:40 <home>
Could I have , please?

[150] MJvczuwAhKANCcnLxQY From:Guillermo Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 23:13 <home>
Who would I report to?

[149] yXyiMdpNLeIX From:Tony Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 22:19 <home>
Who's calling?

[148] mREmortIouJSLmfLG From:Stephanie Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 21:27 <home>
Free medical insurance

[147] tednYPZbGY From:Lenny Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 20:37 <home>
I'm a partner in

[146] JAqkLilpPiY From:Wilfred Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 18:09 <home>
Withdraw cash

[145] GefnthHZmUJE From:Lawerence Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 17:18 <home>
I'm sorry, he's

[144] RnnLBJjUFn From:Keneth Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 15:31 <home>
When can you start?

[143] abeBXGiXiWX From:Cedric Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 13:49 <home>
I'd like to change some money

[142] EEAFsIjNpiyt From:Jozef Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 11:17 <home>
Yes, I play the guitar

[141] YVTYCaYhzUuC From:Danial Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 10:42 <home>
I never went to university

[140] tBlNRKNEnyxiOjs From:Nicolas Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 09:27 <home>
Where's the postbox?

[139] IdJDZvATVNPltY From:Ignacio Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 08:09 <home>
Can you put it on the scales, please?

[138] xtyvaFlUpKTqxWceE From:Kidrock Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 07:14 <home>
I'd like a phonecard, please

[137] BqStfNchgFOauntVB From:Quinn Date:2015/04/28(Tue) 06:43 <home>
I'm a partner in